Looking for a finance partner? To help deliver increased sales?

We are an independent Asset Finance broker operating within the UK Hospitality/Leisure industry

Over the past 15 years we have gained an unparalleled knowledge of

this industry along with building strong long-term relationships with our Customers, Funders & Suppliers alike…….

What can we offer

A personal service, we look after our Customers (we like you, have a vested interest securing the deal and retaining the Customer for the long term)

All Clients are visited by us from the outset and ongoing throughout the process

We pre – underwrite all our proposals before they go to our Funder(s)

This means we have a clear idea from the outset whether the proposal is likely to be successful. We keep you fully posted throughout the entire transaction process

You get paid in full as soon as the equipment has been delivered to your Customer and they are satisfied which means that you will have no bad debt collection worries!

Why not give us a call and see how your business can benefit from

our Service